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These are Child Pornography Articles and Media Reports.
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"[I]f we are to wage war [against child pornographers], we must know our enemy. We need to know more about those who create this unspeakable 'product,' why they do it and the various ways it is used ... The question then becomes: What can we do?" Learn more about Andrew Vachss' 2006 cover feature for Parade—and read an exclusive Q&A with Mr. Vachss that more than doubles the information in the original article—by clicking here.

'Vehemently anti-gay' Christian pastor charged with 70 counts of possessing sexually explicit images of children
"Dave Reynolds was once the pastor of Cornerstone Bible Fellowship in Arkansas, but now he's facing 70 counts of acquiring and distributing sexually explicit material related to children. His bond has been set at $250,000.", June 17, 2016.

Former Maryland teacher's aide indicted on 270 child porn-related charges
"The 116-page indictment alleged that 22-year-old Deonte Carraway forced 23 victims — between 9 and 13 — to perform sex acts while he taped them, according to WTOP."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, June 29, 2016.

Former 'Law & Order' director gets 10 years probation after pleading guilty to child porn charges
" WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — A television director with credits on "Law & Order" and other shows has been sentenced in New York to 10 years' probation on child pornography charges.
Jace Alexander was sentenced Tuesday after pleading guilty to promoting a sexual performance by a child and possessing an obscene performance by a child. He had faced up to seven years in prison."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, July 29, 2016.

Catholic priest in Louisiana arrested for possessing over 500 images of child porn on computer
"State police launched an investigation after receiving complaints that a computer used by the Rev. Felix David Broussard contained images "indicative of child pornography.""
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, July 29, 2016.

Ex-Boeing manager sentenced to more than 3 years in prison for child porn
" A former Boeing manager has been sentenced in Los Angeles to more than three years in prison for possessing child pornography discovered during an unrelated espionage investigation.
Judge Christina Snyder sentenced Keith Gartenlaub on Monday to 41 months in federal prison."
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, August 30, 2016.

Child porn perv spits blood at victim moments before being sentenced to life in prison
"NEWARK, N.J. — The sentencing of a New York man convicted of sex-related crimes involving two New Jersey teenagers was briefly halted Monday after he bit the inside of his mouth and spit blood at one of them. "

Paedophiles use secret Facebook groups to swap images
"Settings on the social network mean the groups are invisible to most users and only members can see the content.
Children's Commissioner for England Anne Longfield said Facebook was not doing enough to police the groups and protect children. ", February 12, 2016.

Connecticut meteorologist arrested on child porn charges
"Investigators seized computer files containing kiddie porn at the home of Justin Goldstein, 33, in nearby Hamden when they searched it on a warrant, officials with the state police"
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, July 13, 2016.

Former Shaw AFB vice commander charged with child porn
"Officials at Shaw Air Force Base reported Col. William R. Jones was charged with possession of child pornography and obstruction of justice on June 29, according to a news release.", July 18, 2016.

District chairman of Boy Scouts troop in Oklahoma arrested for child pornography
"ALTUS, Okla. — A man who is a district chairman of a Boy Scouts troop in Oklahoma was arrested this week after he was allegedly caught with child pornography.
Steven Foreman, 52, was arrested in Altus after investigators intercepted child pornography coming from a personal computer at Foreman's home, officials say.", June 2, 2016.

Mustang 15-year-old arrested for child pornography
"Investigators saw a large amount of "graphic pre-pubescent child pornography being distributed" from a home in Mustang. They got a search warrant for the home, finding the teen was behind the crime, investigators alleged.", July 28, 2016.

30 Million Child Abuse Images Recovered, 77 Suspects Charged
"LONDON — Around 30 million images of child abuse have been recovered as part of a crackdown by police in Scotland, officials announced Friday. ", July 29, 2016.

Slidell man, 73, booked with 500 counts of child pornography
"State Police investigators arrested a 73-year-old Slidell man on 500 counts of possession of child pornography after finding 31 terabytes of suspected porn on 23 electronic devices at his home, authorities said Tuesday (Sept. 13). Lanier Lively also was booked with one count of distributing child porn.", September 13, 2016.

Death penalty call for accused Australian child sex predator Peter Scully in Philippines
"Prosecutors in the Philippines have revealed they will call for the death penalty to be re-introduced in the case of alleged Australian child sex predator and 'dark web' mastermind Peter Scully.", September 20, 2016.

Pervy speech therapist pleads guilty to sending sicko NYPD cop shots of her performing oral sex on 2-year-old
" A Pennsylvania woman pleaded guilty Wednesday in Brooklyn Federal Court to texting images to an NYPD sergeant of her performing oral sex on a 2-year-old boy.
Leigh Marcini, 38, is one of three gal pals of sicko Sgt. Alberto Randazzo who molested children at his direction."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, March 28, 2014.

Mustang man arrested for thousands of child pornography images, videos
"Bobby Gene Landrum, 42, was arrested on March 25 at his home near Czech Hall and State Highway 152 in Mustang.
According to reports, Canadian County Sheriff's deputies arrested him after an undercover investigation determined Landrum was allegedly distributing child pornography.", March 28, 2014.

Cheyenne resident sentenced for having largest collection of child pornography in the U.S.
"Person, 63, was sentenced by Chief United States District Court Judge Nancy D. Freudenthal on August 2, 2016, to 235 months of imprisonment, to be followed by ten years of supervised release and was ordered to pay $5,000 in restitution for possession of child pornography.", August 3, 2016.

New Jersey man used neighbor's Wi-Fi to download and distribute child pornography
"Louis LaSalle, 55, of Clementon, was arrested for possessing more than 700 pornographic videos and 33,000 images, according to a press release from the Camden County prosecutor's office."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, September 14, 2016.

Oregon sports coach arrested on child porn charges
"A Bandon School District employee was arrested Friday evening on federal charges related to child pornography, the FBI revealed.
Sean Jeffrey Haga, 30, works as an educational assistant, basketball coach and track coach for the school district, according to the FBI.", June 19, 2016.

Eton pupil Andrew Picard spared jail after creating and sharing thousands of 'appalling' child abuse images
"A former Eton College student has been spared jail after making and sharing graphic images of child abuse, it has been reported.", February 26, 2016.

Patricia and Matthew Ayers Sentenced to Over 2300 Years in Prison for Child Pornography
"Patricia Ayers is facing 1,590 years in prison and her husband, Matthew Ayers, is facing 750 years in prison. The couple was convicted of over 100 counts of producing child pornography. ", October 23, 2014.

Child porn, written plans to abuse kids seized from Oregon City teaching aide's home, police say
"An Oregon City School District teaching aide for developmentally disabled children was arrested this week after federal agents say they found evidence at his home that he had sexually abused at least one child and had detailed plans to abuse others. ", February 20, 2016.

Paedophiles use secret Facebook groups to swap images
"Settings on the social network mean the groups are invisible to most users and only members can see the content.
Children's Commissioner for England Anne Longfield said Facebook was not doing enough to police the groups and protect children. "
BBC News, February 12, 2016.

Fargo man sentenced to 30 years for producing child pornography
" A 30-year-old Fargo man will spend his next 30 years behind bars after being found guilty of producing child pornography. Dewayne William Barth II was sentenced on Wednesday for Production of Child Pornography, Receipt and Distribution of Child Pornography, and Possession of Child Pornography. ", March 23, 2016.

University of Cincinnati classics professor admits to downloading child porn 'every day' for years
"A University of Cincinnati classics professor admitted to downloading child porn "every day" for up to six years under the name "Mr. Daddy Cruel," according to court documents."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, March 16, 2016.

Former West Point cadet and child pornographer sentenced to eight years in prison
" A former West Point cadet convicted on federal child pornography charges was sentenced Wednesday to eight years behind bars.
Ricky Patrick Hester, 25, collected and shared more than a thousand disturbing images of children being sexually abused.
White Plains prosecutors argued at trial that the Indiana man sent emails requesting videos and images of "kids being forced to do stuff" and "boys being tied up and peed on.""
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, January 6, 2016.

Man convicted of child porn in Brooklyn set free after five days in jail
" A Brooklyn judge allowed a convicted child pornographer facing up to eight years behind bars to go free after spending only five days in jail.
Eastern District Judge Jack Weinstein released a 98-page decision describing why he went easy on Raul Vasquez, a 52-year-old married father of five.
"Removing R.V. from his family will not further the interests of justice," Weinstein wrote in the Jan. 21 decision, which was first reported by the New York Law Journal."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, January 30, 2016.

HIV-positive rapist jailed for filmed sex with 6-year-old boy
" Ira S. Task, who told cops he was HIV-positive for over 20 years, was busted after cops saw footage of him and another man raping a 6-year-old boy on a third pervert's phone, Penn Live reported.
Cops were able to identify the admitted rapist from his ring, the moles on his right thigh, and a ring around his penis, according to reports. Task is also seen in the video giving the victim an inhalant of amyl nitrite, a drug that causes a high and only available with a prescription, Cumberlink reported."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, October 21, 2015.

Disgraced NYPD officer facing child porn charges attempting to suppress digital evidence against him
"A disgraced NYPD sergeant is trying to suppress the mountain of digital evidence showing he choreographed women into molesting young children in their custody on Skype by blaming his ex-girlfriend for hacking into his cell phone and computer.
Alberto Randazzo, who admitted to then-gal pal Jenny Zerello that he had a "secret life," claims in court papers that she illegally accessed his electronics. Zerello contacted authorities about the damning text messages and photos she had found."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, October 13, 2015.

Fla. piano teacher arrested for sexually abusing infant in breast-feeding videos
" A children's piano teacher has been busted for allegedly manufacturing sexually explicit breast-feeding videos involving an infant.
Leigh Felten, 31, was arrested in Tallahassee, Fla., Friday after videos emerged showing her sexually abusing the child."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, October 13, 2015.

Florida man gets 885 years for 'massive amounts' of child porn, could also stand trial on kidnap, rape, murder charges
"A Florida man got 885 years in prison for child porn on Monday, and he may be facing additional time behind bars, officials said.
Shawn Ryan Thomas, 31, got the steep sentence for having "massive amounts of child pornography," officials in state Attorney General Pam Bondi's office said. Yet he's also slated to go to trial on separate charges of attempted kidnapping, attempted child rape and attempted murder."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, October 13, 2015.

Queens man charged with receiving 50,000 kiddie porn images can have unsupervised contact with his children
" A federal judge pooh-poohed the concerns of law enforcement officials, ruling that a Queens man charged with receiving nearly 50,000 kiddie porn images on the "dark Web" can have unsupervised contact with his two young children, the Daily News has learned.
"It comes down to money," Judge Frederic Block explained in Brooklyn Federal Court last week. "It's a financial burden on the family if they have to hire people to sit there and watch them. I don't see his children at risk.""
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, February 8, 2016.

Former 'Survivor' contestant busted for possessing child porn, running Ponzi scheme
" A former two-time "Survivor" contestant who fell into a fire on the show was busted Friday for possessing child porn and running a Ponzi scheme, according to officials.
Michael Skupin, 54, was running a complex racketeering scheme and investigators discovered sexually explicit pictures of kids on his computer, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette announced Friday."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, February 5, 2016.

Former 'Mrs. Orange County' beauty queen accused of selling child porn to Marine
" A California beauty queen was busted for allegedly making child pornography with a 4-year-old relative and then selling the sexually explicit images to a U.S. Marine, federal officials said Thursday.
Former Mrs. Orange County Meghan Breanna Alt was arrested Wednesday after deputies said she showed the photos to a Marine stationed in Southern California in exchange for money and gifts, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, October 9, 2015.

Gatlinburg man sentenced to 32 years for child pornography
"(WBIR-GATLINBURG) A Gatinburg man will spend more than 32 years behind bars for producing and distributing child pornography.
Johnny Ray Sammons, 33, pleaded guilty to the federal charges in March. Prosecutors said he used two young girls to produce the videos and pictures that were eventually sent over the internet to undercover investigators in Australia.", September 22, 2015.

Florida cop once named 'Officer of the Year' arrested for child porn by Homeland Security
" A Florida cop once named "Officer of the Year" was arrested by federal agents for distributing child porn -- and uploading the smut on the job, court documents show.
Port St. Lucie Officer Michael Harding was charged Wednesday with sending and receiving child porn after undercover Homeland Security investigators discovered his filth-ridden account on the app Kik messenger, authorities said."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, September 23, 2015.

Pennsylvania woman allegedly filmed herself molesting child during Skype chats with NYPD sergeant
" A third woman has been charged with allegedly molesting a child during Internet chats orchestrated by a depraved NYPD sergeant.
Leigh Marcini, 37, of Pennsylvania, is the latest sicko federal authorities have uncovered in Sgt. Alberto Randazzo's computer files, which were apparently not exhaustively searched when he was arrested in 2013 by Internal Affairs Bureau investigators."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, September 18, 2015.

Olympic gymnastics coach charged with child molestation, possession of child porn
" A former Olympics gymnastics coach was charged with child molestation and possession of child pornography Tuesday.
Indianapolis coach Marvin Sharp is accused of fondling a 14-year-old gymnast and taking inappropriate pictures of her during photo shoots and physical therapy sessions at his gym, The Indianapolis Star reported."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, August 26, 2015.

Former HHS Cyber Security Director Timothy DeFoggi Sentenced for Child Porn
"A former top federal official was sentenced to 25 years in prison today after being convicted of participating in a child pornography ring that sources say was so depraved, it even shocked veteran investigators. "
ABC News, January 5, 2015.

Peel Regional Police officer faces child pornography, fraud charges
"A veteran detective in southern Ontario has been charged with accessing and possessing child pornography, the Peel Regional Police announced Wednesday.
Police said the officer, a 30-year veteran of the force who worked with the Technological Crime Unit, was arrested on Wednesday. He also faces fraud charges."
CBC News, August 19, 2015.

Staten Island man kept downloading child porn despite probation, cops say
"STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — He just can't stop downloading child pornography, prosecutors say.
A Port Richmond man on probation for child porn charges was caught with more illegal images of children -- on a cell phone linked to an e-mail address he "forgot" to mention on his Sex Offender Registration forms, according to a law enforcement source.", August 13, 2015.

Mom busts bad babysitter for filming pornographic material featuring her 2-year-old daughter
" A horrified mommy busted her 51-year-old babysitter with pornographic material featuring her helpless little girl.
Daniel Boyd Divit from Mesa, Ariz., has been accused of taking explicit videos and photos and performing illicit sex acts on a 2-year-old, police told The Arizona Republic."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, August 12, 2015.

Texas woman produced, distributed child porn out of day care center
" A former Texas day care worker is accused of producing child pornography at the facility she worked at while distributing it to a fugitive sex offender, federal authorities said.
Christina Cortez, 38, of Corpus Christi, was taken into custody after sickening images of at least one child being sexually abused was found in her possession, according to a criminal complaint this week."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, August 7, 2015.

Las Vegas family practitioner drugged and raped patients, including a mother and teen daughter
" A family practitioner in Las Vegas is accused of drugging and raping nearly a dozen of his patients, including a mother and her teenage daughter, prosecutors said Wednesday.
Dr. Binh "Ben" Minh Chung, 41, was initially charged in June with production and possession of child pornography. He had his medical license suspended indefinitely, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, August 6, 2015.

Teacher and daycare worker arrested in child porn sting
"A man, William Steinhaus, who went by the online name "naughty daddy", was charged with sexually abusing his two-year-old daughter and sharing images of that abuse with 25 others.", August 03, 2015.

'Law & Order' TV director from Westchester hit with child porn charges
" A TV director from Westchester was busted on child porn charges, according to authorities.
Jason (Jace) Alexander, of Dobbs Ferry, faces two felony counts of promoting and possessing an obscene sexual performance by a child, the Westchester County DA's office said Wednesday."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, July 30, 2015.

Girl, 13, sex slave in paedophile ring of eight men
"Police have smashed a Perth-based paedophile ring in which a 13-year-old girl was allegedly being used as a sex slave by a group of eight men.
It is alleged the girl's father, who cannot be identified to protect his daughter's identity, was running the group and was abusing her himself, as well as facilitating access by the other men."
The West Australian, July 29, 2015.

Ex-top cop guilty in kid porn case
"The former police chief of a Westchester County town pleaded guilty Monday to possessing child pornography.
Brian Fanelli, 56, faces up to 10 years in prison when he is sentenced by Federal Judge Kenneth Karas in White Plains.
Fanelli retired from the force in Mount Pleasant, about 30 miles north of Manhattan, shortly after his arrest last year."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, July 27, 2015.

Indiana man deemed 'most prolific' child porn peddler after stash of 9,000 videos, images uncovered in raid
" An Indiana man known as "the most prolific" child porn peddler in his state faces up to 162 years in prison for downloading and sharing more than 9,000 videos and pictures of rape and bestiality involving children ranging in age from infants to 17, prosecutors say.
Michael Dean Sermersheim, 68, spent 27 days over a four-month period earlier this year obtaining graphic images showing fully nude minors being abused, including in acts of bondage and bestiality, according to the Indianapolis Star."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, July 22, 2015.

Man gets prison for recording sexual abuse of daughter
"KENTWOOD, Mich. (WZZM) — A Kentwood man who used a clandestine child pornography site to share videos of him molesting his three-year-old daughter was sentenced Wednesday to 30 years in federal prison for behavior the judge called 'abhorrent.'", June 24, 2015.

Retired NYC teacher arrested on child porn charges traced to secret pervy website
" A retired New York City schoolteacher was busted Tuesday on kiddie porn charges traced to a secret Internet network of pervs that the FBI unmasked, the Daily News has learned.
Alex Schreiber, 66, of Little Neck, Queens, allegedly trolled with the user name "philsic" to access a depraved post that contained a link to some 400 images of young girls being molested and raped by adult men, according to the criminal complaint."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, July 08, 2015.

Lemont man gets probation for child porn charges
" A Lemont man charged in August with child pornography was sentenced by Centre County President Judge Thomas King Kistler to six years probation on May 29.
Alexander Park, 25, pleaded guilty to 10 felony counts of possessing child pornography before Kistler in January. Fifteen other counts of the same charge as well as a felony charge of criminal use of a communications facility were dropped, according to court documents.", June 4, 2015.

Stuart man arrested for child porn, sexual assault on 8 y/o victim
"STUART, Fla. —A Stuart man has been arrested for fondling a child and taking nude photos of her, Port St. Lucie police said in a release Friday.", June 26, 2015.

FDNY firefighter arrested on child porn charges
"Scott Trivolis, 51, a 20'year veteran of the FDNY, was charged with promoting a sexual performance of a child and possessing a sexual performance by a child after he surrendered at the 120th Precinct stationhouse on Staten Island with his attorney at 12:45 p.m., cops said."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, June 24, 2015.

Man who had 600 child porn images gets 20 years in prison
"LINDEN – A city man was sentenced Monday to 20 years in federal prison for emailing dozens of pictures and at least six videos of child pornography and sexual abuse, authorities said.", June 23, 2015.

California high school track coach busted on child porn charges after lost iPad found in rental car
"A California high school track coach was busted on child pornography charges after his lost — and found — iPad revealed an array of twisted images, authorities said."
"Raymond Henry II apparently left the tablet in a rental car, authorities said. The person who found it called the Orange County Sheriff's Office, tipping off investigators to nude pictures of young girls, ages 11 to 13, on the device, authorities said."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, June 21, 2015.

Florida man sentenced to 16 years for taking naked photos of teenage autistic girl
" A judge sentenced a 50–year–old Florida man who produced child pornography of a teenage autistic girl to more than 16 years in prison, officials announced today."
"William Harvey will serve 16 years and eight months in federal prison. U.S. District Judge Anne Conway also ordered Harvey to serve a life term of supervision after his release."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, June 17, 2015.

New Jersey fire chief used station house computers to view and trade more than 1,000 child porn videos and pics: prosecutor
" A southern New Jersey fire chief used a fire house computer to look at and share more than one thousand images and videos of child pornography with other perverts, the state's attorney general said.
John Terruso, 44, was busted at the Audubon Park Volunteer Fire Company station Wednesday night after a lengthy investigation into the Marlton man's use of a peer–to–peer file–sharing network to traffic in the disturbing images."
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, June 12, 2015.

"Real–Time" Child Pornography
A series of news excerpts establishing as fact in 2014 what Andrew Vachss wrote about in his "novels" in 1998

Man Gets Prison for Rape of Girl Seen on Flea Market Tablet
"NEW CASTLE, Pa.—A Pennsylvania man who stored images of himself raping an 8–year–old girl on a computer tablet that he later sold at a flea market will spend 15 to 30 years in state prison for the sex acts."
Associated Press, May 29, 2015.

Brooklyn political candidate admits to viewing 20 images of child porn: prosecutors
"The 2012 Republican candidate for District 41 of the state Assembly, who lost against incumbent Helene Weinstein, made written statements where he admits to owning the email address, viewing and sharing 'children engaged in sexual conduct,' according to the criminal complaint.
The disgusting images are all of girls, some as young as two–years–old, Cotto said."
Daily News, May 22, 2015.

South Carolina man used Lowe's parking lot to download child porn
"A man caught taking advantage of free wi–fi in the parking lot of Lowe's by downloading child porn in York, S.C. has pleaded guilty, local reports said.
An off–duty cop found the now convicted sex offender Leroy Moore camped out in front of the home improvement store during the Dec. 2014 incident, according to WBTV–TV.
A body camera worn by another police officer that came to investigate Moore's activity was able to pick up the child porn videos he was looking at."
Daily News, May 16, 2015.

New York Woman Admits Role in Abusing Kidnapped Amish Girls
"Nicole Vaisey and boyfriend Stephen Howells were charged last year by federal prosecutors with coercing and sexually exploiting the Amish girls and some other children. Howells pleaded guilty last week to 21 charges.
Vaisey's sentencing is scheduled for Sept. 25. The Amish girls, then 7 and 11, were abducted Aug. 13 from their family's roadside farm stand. They were released the next day."
New York Times, May 14, 2015.

19–year–old Texas student accused of threatening girl, 14, for sex, nude photos in sextortion case
"Kevin and Karen Maley say it began when their daughter came home crying last fall and confided in them of the threats the older 19–year–old student athlete had made.
One text message allegedly sent by the bully read: 'I want to get hot with you... after that we don't ever have to do it again.'
The Maleys say they reported the threats to officials at Memorial High School—which is battling other allegations of doctored, nude photos being exchanged among its students—but claim that they weren't taken seriously until they hired an attorney."
Daily News, May 14, 2014.

Mayor Lee's ex–consultant to face multiple child porn charges
"Enrique Pearce, the former $5,000–a–month consultant to Mayor Ed Lee, will be charged with six felony counts related to his arrest on suspicion of possessing child pornography, a spokesman for the San Francisco district attorney announced Monday.", May 11, 2015.

Queens man admits to possessing thousands of categorized child pornography photos, videos: prosecutors
"'It is important to remember that these images are for all intents and purposes crime scenes—they depict real children being cruelly victimized both physically and emotionally,' he added."
Daily News, May 02, 2015.

Child porn charges for 911 dispatcher and online friend in upstate New York
"The investigation into Jason Cortese, a Greece 911 operator facing various child porn charges, has led to the arrest of a woman in another Rochester suburb, who allegedly swapped sick images with him, the Democrat and Chronicle reported.
Megan McDonald, of Irondequoit, was charged Thursday with production, distribution and possession of naked pictures showing a 4–year–old girl and 1–year–old boy.
This comes a week after the arrest of Cortese, 33, who allegedly sent texts to a 12–year–old girl coaxing her to have a sexual relationship with his own 9–year–old daughter. He was also charged with child porn possession and production. Cortese got arrested in the 911 call center where he works, TWC News reported."
Daily News, April 11, 2015.

Florida cop arrested after sick online confession of sexually abusing toddler: sheriff
"A perverted Florida cop who identified himself as a 'no limit perv dad' has been jailed after allegedly confessing to sexually abusing a 2–year–old girl, police said....
When FBI agents responded to his Lakeland home that evening, Smith was found with the child who was described as wearing the same shirt seen in the photos. Portions of the home's interior also matched what was seen in the photos, they stated.
Smith was taken into custody and charged with one count of directing/promoting sexual performance of a child."
Daily News, March 19, 2015.

New Jersey teacher secretly filmed girls' 'intimate parts' at school: charges
"Adam Mayr, an English teacher at Gloucester Community Institute of Technology, secretly recorded upskirt videos of girls at the New Jersey vocational school, authorities say."
Daily News, March 17, 2015.

The Sickening Child Porn Crisis Infecting U.S. Government Agencies
"Daniel Rosen, a senior State Department official arrested last month for soliciting sex online with a minor, was reportedly arrested again Sunday night in Washington, D.C., and charged with an earlier crime of voyeurism after police searched his cellphone. And he is only the latest in a long string of government employees to have been accused of crimes against children."
Daily Beast, March 16, 2015.

Former Monroe substitute teacher accused of collecting child pornography for decades
"MONROE (WXYZ)—A 52–year–old Monroe man is in jail after authorities made what prosecutors say is one of the largest seizures of child pornography in the state.", March 13, 2015.

Former child welfare manager busted for possession of kiddie porn in Canada: report
" Berry had served as regional executive director of services for British Columbia's Ministry of Children and Family Development until recently. It is not clear whether he resigned or was fired, CBC News reported.
In his job he dealt with such issues as children's mental health, youth justice and youths with special needs."
Daily News, January 20, 2015.

Man tied to Nebraska child porn website gets 25 years
"A former acting director of cybersecurity for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services got 25 years in federal prison Monday on child pornography charges."
Journal-Star, January 05, 2015.

Washington teacher, Boy Scouts leader charged in child porn bust: report
"Darrel Dwight, 52, was carrying more than 600 twisted pictures and videos stored on computer drives when U.S. Postal inspectors served a search warrant at the Vancouver, Wash., home the creepy instructor shares with his mother."
Daily News, December 27, 2014.

Las Vegas father, wives filmed themselves having sex with children in 'one of the most horrifying sex rings in memory': cops
"Christopher Sena faces numerous charges with his wife and ex–wife after police say the trio filmed themselves abusing eight kids over a 12–year span. Among the sickening allegations against the father of four are claims he forced two of his children to have sex with a dog, according to one report."
Daily News, December 16, 2014.

Ex–state Rep. Keith Farnham pleads guilty to child porn
"Former state Rep. Keith Farnham faces a mandatory minimum of five years in prison after pleading guilty Friday to online trading of thousands of images and videos of child pornography depicting victims as young as toddlers.
Federal prosecutors sought to take Farnham into custody after his guilty plea to a single count of distributing child porn. But U.S. District Judge Edmond Chang allowed him to remain confined at home on electronic monitors, citing serious health problems that include a terminal lung disease, bladder cancer and hepatitis."
Chicago Tribune, December 05, 2014.

Florida man gets 105 years in prison in 'nationwide sextortion case' for child porn
"Lucas Chansler, 31, of St. Johns County admitted he used online threats to extort pornographic images from children in August. He pleaded guilty to nine counts of producing pornography. He faced 15 to 30 years in federal prison and $250,000 in fines for every count, according to an FBI press release."
Daily News, November 16, 2014.

1,500+ years for couple who produced child pornography
"FLORENCE, AL (WAFF) –A federal judge sentenced a Lauderdale County couple to hundreds of years in prison for sexually abusing a minor child in their custody to produce images of child pornography.", October 22, 2014.

British Airways pilot had sex with boys during layovers in India, prosecutor says
"The prosecutor said Frere asked the boys to send photos of themselves and allegedly paid one of the boys 500 Rupees or $8 after one of their meetings. ... Frere, the son of a retired Oxford University professor, faces a litany of assault and child porn offenses dating as far back as 2001."
Daily News, September 23, 2014.

Former HHS Cyber–security chief convicted on child porn charges
"Timothy DeFoggi, who had been the lead IT specialist at the Department of Health and Human Services, was found guilty Tuesday for accessing and viewing child porn, and discussing his fantasies—which included the rape and murder of children—message boards."
Daily News, August 27, 2014.

WVa man sentenced to 15 years for child porn
"A West Virginia man was sentenced Wednesday to 15 years in prison for possession of child pornography, authorities said."
Looks as though *some* Courts are getting our message!
Daily News, August 08, 2014.

Judge Lets Child Porn Collector Avoid Prison, Conviction
"Joshua Michael Long, 25, admitted to investigators after his arrest that he collected more than 300 images and videos of child porn. [...] In a move that prosecutors didn't expect, Judge Kelly Case gave Long a deferred adjudication sentence that requires him to be closely monitored for 10 years but does not require a conviction on Long's record if he follows the law and the conditions of his probation for the next 10 years.
'If he's successful, he doesn't have to tell anybody that he was convicted of child pornography,' Diepraam said."
Click 2, July 30, 2014.

Wounded Special–Ops Veterans Take on New Enemy: Child Porn
"We're fighting a domestic war for the children of America," said Camille Cooper of the National Association to Protect Children. "There may be a fire down at the border right now, but there's a fire in every state in this country right now and the federal government knows about it."
Fox News, July 25, 2014.

Waltham, MA police officer who won $1Million in lottery jailed on child porn charges
"Manganelli, 46, was arrested by the FBI Monday. According to a criminal complaint, he sent and received images and videos of child pornography by email. The complaint said Manganelli is a member of an online child porn sharing website."
Associated Press, March 27, 2013.

  • Ex–Waltham Cop Sentenced to Five Years for Child Porn Possession
    "Manganelli originally pleaded not guilty in federal court, but cut a deal with the U.S. Attorney's Office and changed his plea to guilty in May.
    Before the plea change, the ex–cop faced two charges—possession of child pornography and receipt of child pornography—but the latter was dropped after he switched his plea, court records show.
    Two victims are seeking recompense from Manganelli for his actions, so a restitution hearing is set for Sept. 10. Saylor decided against fining Manganelli, saying any money he might have should go elsewhere. "[It] should first go towards restitution and secondly towards his family," Saylor said.
    Taunton Gazette, July 22, 2014.
  • Former Waltham Police Officer Sentenced to 5 Years for Child Pornography
    "Manganelli possessed visual depictions of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct, including females between the ages of approximately six to 10–years–old. Manganelli engaged in substantial trading activity via email. In March 2013, federal agents discovered Manganelli in possession of more than 850 images and 40 videos containing child pornography, including the lewd and lascivious posing, sexual penetration, and bondage of minor girls, as well as a substantial collection of child erotica. During exchanges with at least 53 email accounts, Manganelli and others discussed their mutual sexual interest in children. In other email exchanges, Manganelli claimed that he sexually molested a prepubescent girl and also asked others how to groom a child to engage in sexual activity with him."
    U.S. Dept of Justice, July 22, 2014.

U.K. police arrest 600 suspected paedophiles
"Of the 660 arrested, 39 were registered sex offenders but the vast majority of suspected paedophiles were off the police's radar. Those arrested include doctors, teachers, scout leaders, care workers and former police officers.
The operation, which had remained secret until Wednesday, targeted people accessing indecent images of children online."
The Guardian, July 16, 2014.

Pediatric Oncologist Sentenced to 1 Year in Prison for Child Porn Conviction
"Investigators began identifying suspected child pornography that had been downloaded to the doctor's home computer in October 2012, and observed numerous files being downloaded there from March to July 2013, according to a search warrant. During a July 16 search at his Roxbury Road home in Upper Arlington, investigators found several computers and USB drives and 85 child-porn files.
Pelloski admitted he'd also downloaded child pornography to an Ohio State University laptop he used, the search warrant says."
Columbus Dispatch, July 12, 2014.

Sicko convicted of luring teen girl into sex by promising her a job
"Schaffer will be sentenced in November, but he also faces a federal trial in New Jersey for producing child pornography for recording the encounter."
Daily News, July 09, 2014.
But "Sicko?" Come on now, Watch your language!

5 arrested in connection with N. Carolina child porn ring run out of daycare center
"SANFORD, N.C.—The Harnett County Sheriff's Office said deputies busted a child porn ring being operated out of the home of a man who portrayed himself to be a mentor and babysitter. Between Jan. 5 and June 24, deputies arrested five suspects in connection with a child pornography production ring that operated out of a Sanford home perceived to be a daycare."
WNCT9, July 08, 2014.

Haunted by Their Work
"'When you choose to do this job, you are going into that world and it is permanently traumatic to your psyche in a way that can't be reversed,' Assistant U.S. Attorney Michelle Morgan, who has handled hundreds of cases involving child pornography, recently said at her Center City office.
"It's the darkest underside of humanity, and that's what we have to deal with every day. Once you do it, there's no turning back. There's no taking it away'.", June 19, 2014.

Brian Fanelli, Police Chief, Arrested For Possessing Child Porn
A suburban New York police chief who taught sex–abuse awareness classes to children has been charged with downloading child pornography.
Huffington Post, January 23, 2014

Dozens charged in child porn case in NYC area
"Seemingly respectable members of the mainstream — a police officer, a paramedic, a rabbi, an airline pilot, an architect, a Boy Scout leader — were caught using the Internet to collect and trade child pornography, federal officials said Wednesday."
Associated Press, May 21, 2014.

Man who worked at Bronx After–School Program held on child porn charges
Rene (Reyccruz) Cardona, 22, used his job at the Betances Summer Camp and Betances Community Center to prey on kids, prosecutors said. He's accused of exchanging explicit pictures with an 11–year–old boy in Guam.
Daily News, May 17, 2014.

Bucks (PA) Man Gets 900 Years in Prison for Abusing, Photographing Girl for Years
"The judge told the court he hopes the sentence acts as a deterrent to others who rob children of their youth by abusing them."
CBS Philly, May 14, 2014.

Illinois legislator — who sponsored TWO bills to boost child pornography penalties — under investigation for possession of kiddie porn
Federal authorities seized computers from the office of Keith Farnham last week. The 66-year-old resigned Wednesday citing health problems. The five-year lawmaker has co-sponsored two bills to increase penalties for possession of child porn.
Daily News, March 22, 2014

Exclusive: 2 victims of East Side pedophile help gather evidence decades later
Michael M. and John Kirby, now both in their 40s, tell the Daily News how Stephen Brown, now 62, lured them to his apartment in the mid–1980s before sexually abusing them. The men spotted Brown — who was recently busted with a massive child pornography stash — on the prowl in Central Park in recent years, so they snapped photos of him interacting with younger boys and gave the images to investigators.
Daily News, May 04, 2014.

Supreme Court sets aside $3.4Million Verdict for Child Porn Victim
Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas dissented, saying Congress had failed to make clear how judges should decide on the damages.
Justice Sonia Sotomayor dissented separately, saying the defendant should be assessed the full amount of the required restitution.
The Los Angeles Times, April 23, 2014

Case will be dropped against man with odd name of Lemon Juice, accused of tweeting photo of sex–abuse victim
He was charged with contempt in 2012 after a photo of the teen witness was snapped in violation of a judge's orders. The Twitter account that posted the photo was later linked to someone else.
Daily News, March 21, 2014