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These are Memory Repression/Recovery Resources.
Please also see: "False Allegations" Resources


How a Memory is Made
"For Costa–Mattioli, the demonstration that similar processes control memory allocation in different parts of the brain is 'very tantalizing .... Perhaps this mechanism allows the strengthening of connections between brain areas'."
The Scientist, November 14, 2014.

Study Backs Freud Repression Theory
The Associated Press, March 14, 2001

"We Can Control Memory"
Article from the BBC News, March 16, 2001, regarding a University of Oregon memory study.

Electric Dreams Reveal Memory Secrets
Article from the BBC News, October 16, 2000, regarding Harvard Medical School research on amnestic patients' dreams and REM sleep's role in memory.

Hormone Makes "Mind Go Blank"
Article from the BBC News, March 21, 2000, regarding German research on the effects of corticol (a stress hormone) on memory.

If We Really Want to Protect Children
by Andrew Vachss, Parade, November 3, 1996

Memories: My Assertions to the List
Reprinted from the PSYLAW e-mail list from Dr. Joel Dvoskinregarding "memory issues."

Reading: False Allegations
Reprint of an interview Andrew Vachss from the San Diego Reader, November 21, 1996.

Dissociation and the Fragmentary Nature of Traumatic Memories: Overview and Exploratory Study
Study of trauma and memory from Dr. Bessel van der Kolk of Harvard Medical School, Journal of Traumatic Stress, Volume 8, Number 4 October 1995.

Incubated in Terror
Research from the ChildTrauma Academy regarding the brain's processing of trauma.

U-Turn on Memory Lane
Article from the Columbia Journalism Review, July/August 1997, regarding media coverage of recovered/"false" memory claims.

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