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We will forward appropriate email to Andrew Vachss. Please be aware that there is no "shortcut" to reach Mr. Vachss directly; this specifically includes "Direct Messages" via the various Facebook pages and Twitter, which are managed by volunteers.


Send LEGAL MAIL ONLY to Andrew Vachss

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Messages to the Zero

Questions and messages may be submitted to the Zero through this form. Please note that the Zero volunteers read all incoming e-mail.

Anyone using this service should have no expectation of privacy.

Mr. Vachss does not use a personal e-mail account for responding to messages to The Zero. Any responses to such communications will be forwarded, through one of the Volunteers. Only messages which include a complete name and specific street address will be answered. If a personal answer is required, or if confidentiality is deemed necessary by the sender, correspondence should be sent via regular mail.

All attachments, encoding, embedded hyperlinks, programs which include mail, html, or any other "enhancements" of email will be rejected. Plain text only, please!

Mr. Vachss does not correspond via e-mail. If you send only an e-mail address and receive no response, please do not re-send your message.

Mass-mailings and solicitations will be auto-selected and deleted.

If you have questions about navigating the site, or comments about the interface, please see the TECHNICAL HELP page.

If you want copies of your message to the Zero, please print out or save to your own system. The volume of mail we receive makes it impossible to retrieve past messages.

Thank you for your consideration.

If you're seeking Andrew Vachss in order to see if he'll take your child's case, please click hereIf you're seeking Andrew Vachss in order to see if he'll help you tell your story, please click here

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