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These are Self Injury Resources.
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Anxiety Related || Crisis Intervention || Depression || Dissociative Disorders
Eating Disorders (U.S. and Int'l) || Erotomania || Substance Abuse (U.S.)
Substance Abuse (Int'l) || Traumatic Stress Disorders || Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling)
Health Care Resources || General Mental Health Resources

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Alabama mom learns about daughter's online sex chats, history of self–harm after suicide: 'I found out way too late'
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, June 15, 2015

After Abuse, Changes in the Brain
The New York Times, February 23, 2009

'Cutters' Learn How to Heal Their Scars
Los Angeles Times, April 6, 2002

Cutting Signals Need for Emotional Help
ABC News, March 16, 2001

Self-Injury No Longer Rare Among Teens
WebMD Medical News, November 21, 2000

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Self–Injury Hotline
Toll-free: 1–800–DONT–CUT

The Site
National Children's Bureau
8 Wakley Street
London EC1 VQE
United Kingdom
Phone: 020 7843 6000

Young People and Self Harm
Royal College of Psychiatrists
21 Prescott Street
London E1 8BBbr> United Kingdom
U.K. national inquiry researching self harm/self'injury.

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Self-Injury and Related Issues
Information, resources and support.

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