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These are U.S. Infant Abandonment Resources.
Please also see: International Infant Abandonment Resources

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Baby Abandonment FAQ
Information and Resources from the Child Welfare League of America.

Mother of Abandoned Baby Arrested For Child Endangerment Allegations
The Associated Press, February 6, 2002

Mother Who Left Baby Girl At Fire Station Will Not Face Charges
Sun-Sentinel, April 19, 2002

Baby's Body Found in Trash Bin at Exclusive Key Biscyane Condo Complex
The Sun–Sentinel, April 18, 2001

Baby Left In Ottawa Hospital
The Kansas City Channel, January 7, 2002

'Safe Haven' Publicity Falters
The Daily Breeze, July 14, 2002

Newborn Left in Bronx Clinic
New York Daily News, February 23, 2002

Newborn Left At Hospital
Union-News, February 9, 2002

Bid to Adopt Baby Gets Challenge Today
Detroit Free-Press, May 15, 2001

Discarded Babies Bill Up to Ryan
Daily Southtown, May 27, 2001

Girl Removed From Home After Having Stepfather's Baby
The Associated Press, October 29, 2000

Infant Law Relies on Exposure
News & Record, July 8, 2001

'Moses Bill' Put on Hold Until Next YearThe Associated Press, April 13, 2001

Newborn Abandoned At Hospital
TheDenverChannel.com, November 29, 2001

Police Locate Abandoned Newborn's Mother
CLICKONDetroit.com, May 24, 2001

'Porcelain Deliveries' a Crisis as Teens Seek to Hide Pregnancies
The Sun–Sentinel, April 16, 2001

Several Hospitals to Take Spurned Newborns—No Questions Asked
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, June 6, 2001

Stalemate Traps Dead Baby's Parents
Washington Post, May 6, 2001

Teen Mother Who Abandoned Baby Will Be Sentenced To Juvenile Center
Sun-Sentinel, November 28, 2001

With Discarded Baby, Horrible Sense of Failure
Palm Beach Post, June 3, 2001

Havens for Babies, Choices for Mothers
The New York Times, October 15, 2000

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Information on State Legislation

"Safe Haven Laws" by State
List of states with links to text of legislation passed or pending.

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AMT Children of Hope Foundation
1490 Franklin Ave.
Mineola, New York 11501
Phone: (516) 781-3511
Toll-free Crisis Line: 1-877-796-4673
Nationwide 24 hour crisis line. Confidential referrals to "Safe Havens" and professional services.

National Safe Haven Alliance
P.O. Box 507
Occoquan, VA 22125
Crisis Hotline: 1-888-510-BABY
Includes "Safe Haven Locator" by State.

Project Cuddle, Baby Rescue Program
2973 Harbor Blvd. #326
Costa Mesa , CA 92626
Phone: (714) 432-9681
Toll-free Hotline: 1-888-628-3353
Spanish Toll-free Hotline: 1-888-483-2323
Nationwide 24 hour crisis line. All calls are confidential and they will help you find a safe, legal alternative to abandonment.

Safe Place for Newborns
120 S. 6th Street, Suite 1150
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Phone: (612) 317-2895
Toll-free Hotline: 1-877-440-2229
Safe Place for Newborns allows a woman the option to anonymously bring her unharmed newborn, up to 3 days old, to the emergency room of any hospital, without fear of prosecution. Website includes list of hospitals in Minnesota and Wisconsin, information and FAQs, and advice on starting a Safe Place Program in your area.

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