Judge Ronald C. Kline:
Child Pornography/Child Molestation Case Suppressed by Court

Archive of articles relating to Orange County (California) Superior Court Judge Ronald C. Kline's arrest on child pornography and child molestation charges. The courts were kind to the judge: The child molestation charges were dropped because of a statue of limitations ruling, and the child pornography charges were suppressed because of an "illegal search" ruling based on the role of the computer hacker informant in the case.

O.C. Judge Charged With Possessing Child Porn
Los Angeles Times, November 10, 2001

Judge Facing Pornography Charges
Irvine World News, November 15, 2001

Orange County Superior Court Judge Indicted On Federal Child Pornography Charges
Press release from John S. Gordon, United States Attorney, Central District Of California, November 28, 2001

O.C. Judge Faces New Charges
Los Angeles Times, November 29, 2001

Orange County Judge Pleads Innocent to Child Porn Charges
Los Angeles Times, December 3, 2001

Robinson Launches Campaign for Judgeship
Los Angeles Times, January 9, 2002

O.C. Judge Accused of Child Molesting
Los Angeles Times, January 11, 2002

Molestation Case Hearing Delayed
Los Angeles Times, February 8, 2002

Judge Accused Of Keeping Kid Porn In Court Computer
The Orange County Register, February 9, 2002

Police Analyze Diary From Judge's Computer
The Orange County Register, February 17, 2002

Judge's Porn Case Hinges on Hacker
Los Angeles Times, February 21, 2002

Kline Vote 'A Mini-Revolution'
The Orange County Register, March 7, 2002

Indicted Orange County Judge Will Withdraw From Election
The Associated Press, March 14, 2002

Federal Judge Rules Hacker Covered by Informant Laws
The Associated Press, March 18, 2003

Hacker in Child Porn Case Denies He Was Working as Police Agent
The Associated Press, April 1, 2003

Kline Case Tossed by Court
The Irvine World News, July 3, 2003

Case Against Ex-Judge Kline Gutted
The Irvine World News, October 30, 2003