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Pain Management Sweepstakes

Pain Management, a Burke Novel by Andrew VachssTo celebrate the release of Andrew Vachss' Pain Management, The Zero ran several sweepstakes in October and November, 2001. Many thanks to all of our sponsors for making these great prizes available to The Zero, and congratulations to all our winners!


Sweepstakes #1: Andrew Vachss' Proving It
Proving It, an Andrew Vachss audiobook collectionWe're giving away three copies of Proving It, the audiobook adaptation of Andrew Vachss' short stories. This four-tape collection is performed by Burt Reynolds, and includes a special bonus track of David Joe Wirth reprising his stage performance of "Placebo." Featured in the collection is "Dope Fiend," the story that inspired Mr. Vachss' latest novel, Pain Management.

Sweepstakes #2: Madison Clell's Cuckoo #12
Madison Clell's autobiographical comic details the life of a woman living with Dissociative Identity Disorder [also known as multiple personality disorder]. Cuckoo plays a key role in Andrew Vachss' Pain Management, when it's found that Rose, the missing girl, collected Madison's comics. The Zero's giving away copies of Cuckoo, signed by Madison Clell, to this week's winners.

Sweepstakes #3: Charles de Lint's The Onion Girl
The Onion Girl by Charles de LintRose's friend Jennifer tips Burke to a writer named Charles de Lint. As is always the case with Andrew Vachss' novels, Charles de Lint is real, and an amazing writer. The Onion Girl is his most recently released trade paperback.

Sweepstakes #4: Pain Management T-shirt
Pain Management T-ShirtLike the book? You'll love this 100% cotton shirt, adorned with the Pain Management cover.



Sweepstakes #5: Joe R. Lansdale's Captain's Outrageous
Captains Outrageous by Joe R. LansdaleJoe R. Lansdale writes some great stories, and his Hap & Leonard series of novels have captured a large following. This latest Hap & Leonard novel also features Veil, who first appeared in "Veil's Visit," a short story co-written by Joe R. Lansdale and Andrew Vachss. The Zero's got copies, signed by Joe R. Lansdale, for this week's winners.

Sweepstakes #6: Walter Anderson's The Confidence Course
The Confidence Course by Walter AndersonAndrew Vachss describes Walter Anderson's The Confidence Course as "A warrior's book, for those who would become such. The title is no lie." The Zero's giving away copies of The Confidence Course, signed by Walter Anderson, to this week's winners.

Sweepstakes #7: Zak Mucha's The Beggars' Shore
The Beggars' Shore by Zak MuchaThe Beggars' Shore is a story of pilgrimage, a journey where the destination is only "not here." Evocative, powerful, and compelling, it is a masterful debut. Andrew Vachss says, "I'm so confident that this kid's the next major player, I'm backing him with my own cash."

Sweepstakes #8: Judy Henske's Loose in the World
Judy Henske's Loose in the WorldIf you've ever read any of Andrew Vachss' Burke novels, the name Judy Henske will be familiar to you. Not only is she a real singer, but she's really as good as Burke says. Find out for yourself by winning a copy of Judy's latest CD, Loose in the World!


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