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The Matrix Revolutions - Sentinel Prototype

World-class illustrator Geofrey Darrow has always stood up. Now that he's hit big-time fame as conceptual designer for The Matrix trilogy of films, he's not changed—he's still standing just as tall. Geofrey has arranged for an amazing donation to be made to Protect, America's first political lobby for child protection, one of two prototypes of The Sentinels made (from Geofrey's designs) for use in filming The Matrix Revolutions.

The prototype is an actual prop from the film—the actual piece used in filming. It's made from foam core, rope, paint and plastic, and measures about 30 inches in length. Geofrey included with it the most perfect "letter of authenticity" we've ever seen: A handwritten letter from him, which includes a finished drawing of a Sentinel.

Keep your eyes peeled for Geofrey's amazing work. He's not just an amazing artist, he's an amazing man!


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