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Andreas Huettl

Michael Dewes was the man who took The Zero multilingual, translating the hundreds of pages into German. And Andreas Huettl is the man who took that site to the next level, with so many added features that The Zero, Germany has become a vital source of information and inspiration for all those engaged in the war against predators. But Andreas, a lawyer who had led many important struggles against predatory pedophiles in Germany, didn't stop there. Andrew Vachss' first novel, A Bomb Built in Hell, remained unpublished until serialized it on their website—but it still hadn't made it into print until Andreas came on board. If you're a German Andrew Vachss reader, you have Andreas to thank for a treat no one else in the world has been able to enjoy. Andreas has not just kept the ship afloat, he keeps adding new artillery every day, and his importance to our (collective) work cannot be overstated.


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