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Mojo Crow

Mojo Crow"The Mojo Crow series of children's books is just plain wonderful. Brilliantly-written and lavishly illustrated, each one is both a treat and a superb learning experience. The Mojo Crow series is endorsed by The Zero, Andrew Vachss, Honey, and our great pal, Michael O'Sullivan not just because the books are superb, but because its profits go toward supporting the Wild Bird Care Centre. Buy one for a kid you love. Better yet, buy a couple for your local library." —Andrew Vachss

Mojo Crow is a real live crow who came into the Wild Bird Care Centre in Ontario, Canada, back in 1984. His shoulder was broken and his wing was badly messed up. Birdsaver (Top Person) took good care of him, though, so he decided to stick around for awhile and help out. One of the ways he helps out is by sharing the stories of his fellow fowl.

Smokey the Owl
Weep-Weep the Battered Bird
Clara the Chicken

Four of his stories are available as books, as translated by Jackie Green with illustrations by Alison Stalker. Mojo's books raise funds for the Wild Bird Care Centre. They are:

Smokey the Screech Owl ($6.99)
A story that will touch the hearts of children and adults about a screech owl named 'Smokey' and the people at the Wild Bird Care Centre who nursed her back to health.

Weep-Weep the Battered Bird ($6.99)
Weep-Weep, a tiny American goldfinch, tells a story of how she was rescued and nursed back to health by Birdsaver, who has saved the lives of so many of our feathered friends.

Hank the Fishy Heron ($6.99)
Hank and four other baby Blue Herons, freshly rescued from their storm-damaged nesting grounds, transform the Wild Bird Care Centre into an impromptu fish market!

Clara the Chicken ($6.99)
After Clara's daring escape from an inhumane chicken farm, she braves dangers in a new and unfamiliar world—until she is rescued and finds a new life with new-found freedom.

You can also buy a stuffed chicken toy to accompany the Clara the Chicken book for $14.99.

Another book to check out is Flight to Freedom ($6.99), it's the story of Liberty, a bottle nose dolphin, and his father and mother, who were taken away from their family pods and forced to perform tricks in captivity. And of their daring rescue from what would have been a lifetime of captivity, and their amazing flight to freedom.

Books may be purchased with a credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX) by phoning toll-free 1-800-641-KIND (5463).

They may also be purchased online at the
Humane Society Online Adventure Store.

Alternatively, they may be purchased by check or money order sent to any of our offices. For contact addresses in Canada, click here. For contact addresses in the US, click here.


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