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  Webcast co-moderator Mike McNamara is the Deputy Chief of the Park Forest Police Department and Director of Licensed for Life, a Chicago-area non-profit designed to show young people the dangers of impaired driving.
  Co-moderator Michael A. Black is a police sergeant on the Matteson Police Department who's also the author of ten mystery and suspense novels.
  Andrew Vachss' first book was a textbook called The Life-Style Violent Juvenile. In that textbook Mr. Vachss described his ideal facility to serve as a maximum-security prison for juveniles. Antoinette Nascimento of amnArchitecture has used that description to draw up some designs, which you can view by clicking here.
  During a chat a questioner asked Andrew Vachss, "If serious child advocates like you had their own single-issue powerful NRA-type [lobby group], where would you want to see its efforts focused? National? States? Sentencing Commissions? D.A.'s?" Mr. Vachss told him that if he was serious he should send an email to The Zero. That person's name is Grier Weeks, a brilliant political operative who went on to eliminate the incest exception in North Carolina and found Protect, America's first political lobby for child protection. You can read a transcript of that history-changing online chat by clicking here. And you can join the fight by clicking here.
  Some people think, if it's in a movie, it's got to be true. So when millions of people saw the movie "The Bad Seed," they believed that children could be born bad. But not even the people who make those movies believe that.
  Frank Caruso is partnering with Andrew Vachss on an illustrated novel about bullying, titled Heart Transplant. But it's hardly the first partnership between the two. Click here to see one of those partnerships, and follow the links at the bottom of that page to see more.
  What's the real story behind Roman Polanski's "exile" in France? Click here to read the story and read the court transcript.
  If Andrew Vachss is a "fan" of anything, it's investigative journalism. Three great examples are David Hechler, Jack Olsen, and Nicholas Pileggi.
  Michael O'Sullivan, one of Andrew Vachss' heroes, asked about the connection between animal abuse and child abuse. If you want to read more about that, click here for Dr. Frank R. Ascione's article on the very subject.


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