Zero Pack

Andrew Vachss and HossHoss came down to a signing to challenge Andrew. Hoss thinks he can scare more passers-by, Andrew said he had more years in the game than Hoss had pounds. Who do you think won?

Hoss is a 135-pound, five-year-old Bull Mastiff/Rottweiller mix. When Matt Kinney took him in at 18-months old, Hoss had extreme behavioral problems stemming from abuse and serious neglect. It took a lot of patience and about a year [and a coffeetable and a dining-room table and an entire bedroom set...] for Hoss to adapt and feel secure in his environment. Once he realized he was finally home, he immediately ceased his destructive behavior and became loyal and affectionate in an almost exaggerated way.


To make a long story short, given love and a chance to flourish, Hoss has become a cherished pet and an extremely effective home guardian. Most people unfamiliar with protection dogs think that he is the biggest Pitbull in the world, this because of his facial appearance: he has a large, tight mouth and an enormous skull.

Matt values Hoss' companionship greatly and is quite attached to him; and Hoss clearly feels the same for Matt.