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Jax as a puppyJax is a brindle and white American Staffordshire Terrier born March 6, 1990. Her AKC name is Ryan's Jumping Jax. She is from the kennels of Jimmy Ryan. She has been with me since she was five weeks old (she and one sister had been rejected from the litter by the mother).

The American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Terrier, as well as the Pit Bull Terrier (the UKC version of these dogs) are one of the most naturally people-friendly breeds in existence. Any tendencies of aggression towards humans are either the result of training (they do have the capacity to be fabulous guard dogs), or of abuse and/or irresponsible breeding. These dogs are amazing animals who have received a bad reputation from irresponsible owners and breeders who have taken advantage of their innate tenacity, courage and strength to create aggressive dogs capable of severe damage.

Jax and her Valentine
Jax and her Valentine

They are a "Fighting" breed, which means there is a natural tendency of aggression towards other dogs, which may manifest itself selectively in specific examples of the breed. Early socialization is very important in raising these dogs (as well as with any other "Fighting" breed) in order that they be able to play happily with other dogs. This is not to say that all dogs of this breed will grow up to be dog-aggressive, but the consequences of ignorance or neglect in recognizing these natural tendencies can be severe. This tendency towards aggression does not extend itself toward humans unless it has been directed that way through training or through abuse.

If you are interested in this or any other "Fighting" breed, I would highly recommend very thorough research and consideration of the responsibilities inherent in raising and owning a dog of this stature. Amstaff's are headstrong, extremely alert and intelligent, athletic, loyal and devoted dogs.

PeteyThe most famous Amstaff/Pit Bull was the beloved "Petey" from the 1930s "Our Gang" (or "The Little Rascals") series. Needless to say, these dogs are wonderful with children if they are raised together with them.

Since I am a commercial photographer Jax has been the occasional subject of my photographs. Jax has appeared on various greeting cards, in magazines, print ads, as well as in the book Black and White Dogs, edited by J.C. Suares (no longer in print).

— Marco Prozzo

Jax is seen here with my other Amstaff, 'Chilla' (Avalon's Chinchilla) in their cat disguises
Jax is seen here with my other Amstaff, "Chilla" (Avalon's Chinchilla) in their cat disguises
Jax in character
Jax in character
Jax and Chilla, celebrating Jax's third birthday
Jax and Chilla, celebrating Jax's third birthday

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