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At her peak, Ina was 61 kilograms (135 lbs.) of muscle with a mechanical brain; sometimes, you could literally hear the gears click into place when she seemed to be thinking. Devoted to our family, loving our kids as if they were her own, we called her "monster," "cuddle-monster," or "Frau Hund" (Mrs.Dog), if she needed to be reminded of her actual rank.

She got to be with us from her 8th week on this earth to her death, without ever having to experience hate, brutality, beatings, or mistreatment. She thanked us by being the most wonderful pet anyone could have. She really thought of herself as a lapdog most of the time.

As soon as Ina was with us, there were no more burglaries in our neighbourhood and she became the best mate of all kids around, letting them do everything to her, with the sovereign ease only a rott has. We let her go on September 3rd, 2007 after discovering that she suffered from bone cancer. She is buried in our garden under a slab of marble with her name on it, right beside her former tomcat friend Obelix.

- Udo Geier

Chinese food ain´t only for Neos….
Chinese food ain't only for Neos... .
Couch potato-ing
Couch potato-ing


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