Mine-Shaft Pony

Andrew Mine-Shaft Pony
In response to people endlessly telling him he needs to "take a vacation," "recharge his batteries," and "get some R&R," Andrew Vachss wrote the following poem:

I am a mine-shaft pony
 blinded by darkness
  numb with pain
   hauling weight
    until the day I finally see the sun
     and die

One of his pals sent the following reply:

Mine-Shaft Ponies

In the 1800s, a Welsh mining ship sunk off the coast near Maryland. There were no human survivors--however, the ponies aboard, who were intended to spend their lives working in the mines, made it to a barrier reef island. They went undiscovered for decades and their band grew. Today the island is a federal sanctuary where the ponies are protected and their breeding patterns are managed.

The ponies have grown over the years and are now pretty much normal-sized horses of all different colors. The park rangers keep tourists away because the ponies, while seemingly friendly, are in fact fearless and will walk right up and take a bite! They spend their days on the bay side grazing. In the hot afternoons, they play on the beach, roll in the sand, and, believe it or not, they body surf!

We just adopted a pinto stallion pony. His name used to be M6MSY. His new name is Andrew. Sometimes, even a mine-shaft pony gets to see the light of day.

Mine-Shaft Ponies