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In 1998, Andrew Vachss testified before the US National Commission on Libraries and Information Science regarding the real dangers of the internet. He said:

"[T]he greatest danger of the Internet to vulnerable children is not the display of kiddie porn ... it is the very real potential for enticement."

"Now, for the predatory pedophile, accessing a child via the Internet is a lot easier (and safer) than trolling a playground. As I said before, in my opinion, the real danger of the Net to children lies in its interactive capability."

"As a research tool, the Net has much to offer. But 'chat' is not research. And while it most certainly is a form of 'speech,' the enticement of children for the sexual gratification of an adult is not a protected form of speech."

"To be a predatory pedophile is to be a camouflage expert. Virtually all of their work is done by means of disguise. For every child molester who jumps out of a van wearing a ski mask, there are hundreds of thousands of silent predators. And, like any predator, they go where there is a plentiful supply of prey. The Internet is their ultimate stalking range."

Andrew Vachss' words were prophetic. Here's what happened to one of those vulnerable children two years later.

(For his complete testimony, click here.)


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